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17 For '17: The Artists We Talked About

We have finally come to the end of another year, and man, was 2017 one hell of a run. While the nation crumbled at the tiny hands of one orange man and Hollywood’s vicious cycle of predatory behavior was exposed, this year in music brought its share of interesting content. We caught the hilarious memes, power moves, rap beefs and eye-opening scandals. Link to Story

The Rise — And Death — Of The Druggies: Blame The Fans Too

In 2017 Atlanta rap star Future and his trap music wonderland delivered “Mask Off,” a pill-popping, on wax celebration that marked the highest-charting single of his career. “Mask Off” shot to No. 5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and certified multi-platinum in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Sweden. Link to Story

A Year Without Prince

as the most rule-defacing, genre-bending, music-revolutionizing, boundary-cracking, wave-monopolizing sound architect the world’s ear ever had the privilege to enjoy for over three decades would be correct. Prince Rogers Nelson was the sublime musical phenomenon that the world itself never realized it was ready for. Link to Story

Yo Gotti Recalls Selling Crack To His Friend’s Mother

Diamond Alexis sits down with Memphis rapper Yo Gotti to talk details and stories about his new album, 'I Still Am.' During this conversation, Yo Gotti shares with her a haunting recollection of a time where he sold drugs to the mother of a close childhood friend. Link to Story

I Fasted on Thanksgiving to Support the Dakota Pipeline Protests

Ten days before America was due to celebrate one of its largest, “historically-earned” and commercialized holidays, I made the decision to sit this year’s Thanksgiving out and fast. Raised in a Black household, I just knew I was going to get clowned for this one. “More candy yams for us then, enjoy your fast!”. Link to Story

#Mood: 13 Thoughts While Listening to Kendrick Lamar's 'DAMN.'

Kendrick Lamar, King Kunta and K-Dot have all melded into one hip-hop trailblazing project for the Compton native and a single expression to capture it all: DAMN. With several teasers leading up to the final release on Thursday night (April 13), the only thing that didn’t take everyone by surprise is the fact that Kendrick always has a surprise up his pen. Link to Story

Regina Hall Is Ready For Love With New Dramedy ‘People Places Things’

When it comes to romantic comedies or dramatic tearjerkers, the general consensus is that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Hollywood starlet and comedienne Regina Hall, however, is deviating from expectations in her new dramedy People, Places, Things. Hall portrays an accomplished single mom who is juggling parenthood, relationships and her occupation as a college professor.

Suge Knight's Son Fears for His Father's Life, Shares Gripping Details on Tupac's Death

A quick Google search of West Coast icon Tupac Shakur and CEO/co-founder of Death Row Records Marion “Suge” Knight, and the first three findings would explain why there are fistfuls of stones cast at the Compton native. And while it’s nearly effortless to hurl the words “murderer,” “snake” and “traitor” around with a legacy as tainted as Knight’s, it’s a hell of a lot worse when those stones are cast at the man you’ve grown only to know and love as “dad.”. Link to Story

NBA Finals: Relive The Playoffs In GIFs

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers will be balling their hearts out for the championship trophy during Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night (June 4). While buzzer beaters and clutch 3’s have flooded timelines worldwide since May, there are some crowd-pleasing moments that will forever be immortalized in GIFs.

The Wins And Fails Of Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest

Billboard keeps tabs on the hottest acts with its Hot 100 chart. For 2015, the esteemed music brand rolled out the carpet for its first ever Hot 100 festival. With over 40 artists and three performance stages, the fest invaded New York’s Jones Beach with up to 25,000 concertgoers in attendance. From hip-hop heavyweights, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, to pop’s leading luminaries, Little Mix and Halsey, to a VIP yacht frequented by fans and industry notables alike, BB lived up to the hype and then some.

Sex assault survivors make their voices heard

More than 500 red quilts were sprawled across the Towson University campus lawn last week as a testament to those who have survived rape, abuse and exploitation. The Monument Quilt, which has been displayed in 17 cities nationwide and has traveled as far west as South Dakota, is designed to give a voice to those who have experienced sexual assault.


Diamond Alexis

Growing up in the D.C. Metropolitan area, I've always been surrounded by bustle. Bus and train systems, the intersection of traffic and driving in the District of Columbia/Maryland area, the transformation of neighborhoods, and even the vernacular and dialect demands clear communication in order to survive in one of the nation's busiest corners. Without it, I'm uncertain whether I would be here to share any of this with you.

I believe that communication is vital to human existence. Any failure to do so or lack thereof, has always been proven to yield the worst consequences.

I believe communication is the cosmic force that allows a mother to answer the call of her infant's hunger, or how a bee pollinates a flower, or how pilots receive the information that is needed to safely land an aircraft. To lie my head down each night and know that I have nourished the body of human communication through my evolving journalistic talent fuels my sense of belonging, passion and purpose.



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